Find and block impersonator accounts/bots on Twitter!

FakesBlocker helps your easily and efficiently block impersonators on Twitter to avoid being misled. Accounts maintained by users in music, acting, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, media, sports and other key interest areas usually have impersonators trying to feed off their popularity/trustworthiness to scam or misinform you and me. Stay ahead of this evil by blocking them before they have the chance to strike!

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Find possible impersonator accounts/bots of accounts you follow or any public account on Twitter.


Block these accounts with the click of a button.


Blocked the wrong account? You can view the list of accounts you've blocked and unblock them.

How it works

Impersonator accounts/bots on Twitter are getting out of hand. Many including me have been misled. Some have been deceived into visiting malicious sites/downloading adware or viruses. Others have lost money paying the wrong people/donating unknowingly to scammers.

The fastest way to keep this evil away is block these accounts. But looking for scammers is the last thing on your mind when browsing through your timeline (TL), enjoying interesting tweets and replies.

You can quickly and easily do all the blocking on FakesBlocker in order have a better, less spammy TL. There are 3 steps in using FakesBlocker...

1. Input the Twitter handle (e.g @unboxtherapy) for which you want to find impersonators in the search box on the Find page and click "search". This loads up a list of possible impersonators, each with a percentage that indicates how likely the account is an impersonator based on our prediction algorithms. We consider display names and handles among other things.

2. On the list, each account displayed has a block button. You can block any account you think is an impersonator.

3. View the list of accounts you've blocked through FakesBlocker from the Block lists page (for accounts blocked outside of FakesBlocker, you can view them on Twitter). Blocked accounts are listed under the "real" accounts for which they were blocked as impersonators to keep things organized. You can browse any list and unblock an account if you think you blocked it wrongly.

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